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Cow with calf

A Cow with it’s calf. Pic courtesy of Lee Kimpton, herdsman

.Cow and calfPQ


Twins!! A bull and a heifer - just arrived.


Getting in the wheat straw

Most of the wheat straw has been carted this week, about 500 bales and we still have some oat straw to move when it has been harvested.

Grass seed went in today - now waiting for a shower of rain to germinate the seed and give it a good start .

Prize Cow

Our prize cow: Rearsby Black Label.
She has just produced a bull calf that has been bought by the company Genus for AI supplies nationally. The calf is called Rearsby Black Gem — at Thrussington

Rearsby Black LabelPTpng

Great Taste Award

We've won a Great Taste Award for three years running!
This is what they said about our Black Cherry Yogurt: This yoghurt has a good creamy texture There are good whole cherries with a some small pieces as well. The cherry flavour is natural. There is a nice tang to the yoghurt which lingers pleasantly in the mouth.


Claxstone Smooth Blue

A Claxstone Smooth Blue Cheese produced by Long Clawson Dairy has been crowned Supreme Champion at this year’s International Cheese Awards, winning the accolade ahead of 4,285 other competitors.
Manor Farm Thrussington supply milk, with other local dairies, to Long Clawson!

Nantwich International Cheese & Dairy Show

Manor Farm Dairy, Winner of The Clawson Salver. !!
Awarded annually to the best yogurt in Show for a group of four Thick & Creamy yogurts:
Lemon Curd
Black Cherry

Well done us!

CheeseFest-550PQ copy2
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