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Rearsby Black Label
Our Star Cow

She has produced a bull calf which was sold to the company Genus for AI supplies nationally. The bull calf is called Rearsby Black Gem. We still have Rearsby Black Label's mother, grandmother and great grandmother in our herd, still milking.
All have been classified as "Excellent" by the British Friesian Society.

Rearsby Black Label produces milk that is 5% butterfat and 4% Protein which is higher than normal for friesian cows. This top quality milk is ideal for making yogurt and cheese. If the quality of her milk is passed on through Rearsby Black Gem to his daughters then he will be a great addition to the Friesian Stud.
Most of our milk goes to Long Clawson Dairy for the production of award winning cheeses and as we make our yogurt to order, we take exactly what we need each day, so there is no wastage.
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Rearsby Black Label 8
The picture is of Black Label 8, two days after calving her twelfth calf. This is exactly the type of cow that we try to breed at Manor Farm She was born on 29th August 1997 making her 18 years old.

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