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Some of the awards we have won recently:

Great Taste award 2011
Great Taste award 2012
Great Taste award 2013
Great Taste award 2014

International Cheese Awards 2010
International Cheese Awards 2013
International Cheese Awards 2014

Quality Foods Awards 2011

Global Cheese Awards Frome 2011
Global Cheese Awards Frome 2012
Global Cheese Awards Frome 2013

Dairy Industry Cream Awards 2013

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Our awards at Nantwich -  Gold in the Natural yogurt class, gold in the fruited with the lemon curd, and bronze with the strawberry.
Gold in the group of four yogurts - lemon curd, black cherry, strawberry and rhubarb.
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Peter Holmes receiving the Global Cheese award for the Manor Farm Yogurt 2013
Manor Farm Thrussington won the Best non cheese Dairy product for their Lemon Curd Yogurt

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Peter Holmes receiving the Nantwich International award 2013.
Manor Farm Dairy, Winner of The Clawson Salver. Awarded annually to the Best Yoghurt in Show for a group of four Thick & Creamy yogurts:
Lemon Curd
Black Cherry
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Peter & Cheryl Holmes with the Dairy Industry Cream awards 2013 for their Lemon Curd Yogurt
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